Donald Trump represents drastic change.

That’s all he needs to do to get millions of people to vote for him.

He doesn’t need to be smart, coherent, fair or reliable.

He just needs to keep offering radical change.

That change does not have to ‘make sense’, it just has to be *change*.

Constantly lambasting him for his very obvious short-comings is not going to get those who fervently believe change is needed to not vote for him.

How is this so hard to understand?

Every Democrat, every satirist, 99% of newscasters and anyone who wants to seem intellectual, liberal and sensible, is shouting from the roof-tops what a lunatic Trump is and how a vote for him would simply be the stupidest thing you could do.

But *none* of them are addressing the issues that are making him an attractive prospect.

The assumption is that he is such a flawed moron that the ‘American People’ will somehow ‘come to their senses’ and ‘see through him’, that they will vote for Clinton out of a single need to stop Trump.

So a vote for Clinton is being touted as the only sane option. The big thing now is stressing that you don’t have to believe in Clinton, just believe that Trump will bring Armageddon.

The shenanigans in the Democratic party to stop Sanders are supposed to be forgiven in the face of a ‘greater threat to democracy’ that Trump poses.

The campaign has become one of the lesser of two evils. And yes, there are those of you with the cynic hat on that will say that any campaign will always be that, and yeah, that’s worth stating, but it’s not worth just stating and offering no solution to.

In any other election, the email scandal surrounding Clinton would be enough to sink her campaign, but this time around she’s facing trump so people just let it slide. DNC scuppering Sanders (and yeah, he may not have won ‘fairly’, but we’ll never know), let it slide…

Offering *no* chance of change, just a maintenance of the status quo, is not enough. Continuing to offer candidates that we can’t trust is not enough.

And if the Democrats truly don’t see that, which it seems they don’t, then they are as moronic as Trump.