It has become easy to express ourselves and put our thoughts out there for others to experience. (The irony of stating this in a blog is not lost…)

When we talk about what we think, what we want, we are sharing thoughts.

How often do we try and make things happen just with speech and the written word?

This is the sense that the saying ‘talk is cheap’ applies to.

It costs us nothing to say stuff, to write stuff, to get stuff out there. We may think that by doing this we are actually ‘doing’ something, but are we?

People are the sum of their actions not their words. Or are they?

Words can be powerful. They can motivate people to take action and can influence what action is taken. In that respect, words are a powerful currency.

So yes, talk is cheap in one sense, but it is still powerful in another.

Once we say something, we are putting it out there, and that means we must be prepared to have what we have said challenged. It is not enough to say things and then back away from them when we are challenged, we have to explain, rationalise, show we are committed to the thoughts and ideas we have expressed.

In that sense talk is not cheap. It can cost us a lot of effort to justify and explain our talk when we are challenged.

People who back away from this commitment to speak in support of what they’ve said, are not really worth our energy in engaging.

We may be wary of what we say, what we write, giving it some thought, making sure we can talk / write about it more if people want us to, but not everyone is like that.

Be very careful about getting in to arguments with people who place no value on what they say.

When what we say, what we write, reflects what we believe, we must be prepared to put the time and energy in to qualifying it. And if we get new information that changes our view, all well and good.

Talk is only cheap if you don’t value your own time and energy.