A book I wrote, and sell via Amazon / Kindle, has sold some, but nowhere near as many as I’d like or I thought it would.

So says about a gazillion authors right?

And I know why it hasn’t sold as many as I thought it would, and it’s not just down to my weak efforts at advertising it… though… y’know… nails and heads… it’s also down to the title.

I very purposefully called it ‘Spirituality Without The BS’.

(And capitalised ‘without’ and ‘the’ on purpose! The horror!)

The reason it isn’t selling as well as blah, blah, blah… is the ‘BS’ bit.

Which implies that there are ways of thinking about and approaching Spirituality that are bullshit. And there are. Lots of them.

The fact that ultimately whatever connects you with your Spirituality and then with the world around you is a good thing, does not mean that some of what’s out there is not complete BS.

So the title causes some offence, puts some people on the defensive and may imply to others that the book is a refutation of what they may believe.

I get it. The title stops it being as appealing as it might otherwise be. But I stick by it.

The prompt for this blog-post was reading someone else’s outraged response to something they had read about ‘depression’.

I understood and empathised with their anger, but at the same time could see why the perspective put forward by the author that had offended them, had been one they had reached.

There is a lot of BS talked about depression.

It’s a subject that has been close to my heart for many years and I am painfully aware of how much ignorance there is in the world regarding it.

I want to be as helpful as I can in getting the best messages out there regarding helping people who are depressed and those that are close to them.

Tall order. Very tall. May be a mountain too high to climb, but you’ve got to try right?

I’m off to do some reading / writing and talking to people…

I have a very sneaking feeling that ‘depression’ is a subject that may be closely linked to my belief that Spirituality is about connectedness. We shall see.

And just get over the capital ‘s’ for Spirituality… 🙂