Some topics divide even the best of friends.

Politics, music, comedy, religion, that kind of thing.

We hold beliefs, have opinions, so far removed from some of our friends on some of these things, that the topics themselves often slide in to a no-go area, a lot of the time without even being noticed.

The gathering together of people with vaguely the same opinions in these areas suits the media and most governments: gives them an idea on how to appease (when needed) and rile-up (when needed) each group of associated folk.

And we, it must be said, tend to encourage this behaviour from our media and political leaders as it makes it easy for us to identify the people who hold beliefs that oppose ours: we know who the ‘enemy’ is.

This seems like truly lazy and ridiculous behaviour to me.

And I’m as prone to fall for it as the next person.

It has taken me a very long time to understand that I always, *always* need to question what information I am given by the media and any politicians.

I see the Presidency of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in the same light – the masterful manipulation of this behaviour by those with a vested interest in getting a more extreme, more polarised population to more easily control.

There is also a genuine element of frustration from both Trump supporters and Brexit voters, who saw themselves as ignored, belittled, marginalised and misunderstood by the opposing forces, and were just desperate for some recognition and change.

Now the Brexit issue has been voted on, the Presidential election done and dusted, a lot of people whose vote was one of desperation are realising that nothing will actually change.

The rich will just get richer, those with power will simply continue to amass power and make it harder to move from their grasping hands and the ‘little people’ will continue to be demeaned, ignored, marginalised and manipulated.

But! And it is a big ‘but’ (jokes later), it has also become apparent that a mass-movement of people can bring about change. What we need to do now is find an effective movement to invest that effort of change in to.

I believe that Brexit has been criminally mismanaged and that Trump is a huge cry for help from millions of US citizens, and that the vast majority of us are going to get screwed as a result of both.

But I do believe some good will come of it. That an awakening will happen through the desperate times that are ahead.

I just hope that someone or some organisation steps up to give us a real alternative to the current slide in to corporate control and madness.

What do you call a man who sleeps behind doors? Matt. Comedy… very divisive…