Everyone has a creative side to their nature.

We all like to bring something in to the world that wasn’t there before we made it.

That creative drive can express itself in any form, any medium, and can find an outlet in any area of our lives, from work, to home-life, to an artistic medium with fairly clear definitions.

Being creative is not something that is limited to ‘artists’.

We all use our creativity in some way in our lives… so what drives some of us to be creative in a very specific way, a way that could be called ‘art’, and a way that can be judged by other people who are presented with what we create?

Is it that little voice that tells us that what we want to create, what we want to do, is worthwhile and will make the world a better place, will be liked by people and will improve their lives for having come in to contact with it?

That little voice says that we are going to do something of worth, perhaps that no one else can do because they do not have our vision.

We know each of us has a unique vision based on our experience and our personality. We know that even if two of us look at the same thing, we see it slightly differently.

And so it is when we create something.

We bring part of ourselves to it, make it our own, give it our stamp, the world is seeing a bit of us when they experience it.

That little voice tells us this. Tells us that what we want to create has worth because it comes from us.

But then there’s the other little voice… the voice that doubts… the voice that mocks…

What we have to share is of worth? Pft! What a joke! Why would we think that anyone else would be interested in what we do? Really, why would they?

The other little voice tells us to look around us, to compare ourselves to people of *real* worth, with *real* talent, to understand how pathetic our efforts are. That other little voice explains the pointless nature of what we want to do, why it can only be doomed to failure and mockery.

It seems like we all have that conflict within us, we all have those two view-points: we are of worth, what we want to create is of worth and the world will be a better place when what we have created is in it, and we certainly will be better off for ‘getting it out there’, regardless of its ‘commercial success’ or the praise we get – we *have* to do it.

But then it all seems pointless, doomed to failure and we’re just kidding ourselves that anyone will care, or that we will feel any differently for doing it, the only thing we can possibly get is mocked and shown by those who will judge us, how futile our efforts are.

The more we do something the better we get at it.

That includes going with our self-belief, or giving in to our self-doubt.

We should all believe that we have something of worth to bring in to the world, because we all do.

And then we should do it.

(Even if we do worry about it afterwards…)