Writers spend a lot of time not writing.

They may be researching, mulling over what they already have or thinking about the next thing to write.

They can also be pulled away from a project by many different callings.

There are many reasons why a writer may not be writing.

A writer may be feeling flat creatively. They may be finding it hard to get the time to actually write.

Sometimes writers are writing, but not on the project that is their next passion, their next ‘thing’, that piece that is going to scratch all their creative itches.

It can be hard to come to terms with the amount of time you’re not writing.

The question is, what can you do about it?

Firstly, don’t worry about it. Don’t let any element of stress creep in to thinking about it, don’t judge yourself as failing if you’re not writing, or not writing as much as you think you ‘should be’. Accept that not writing is part of the writing process.

Secondly, put the energy that you need to put in to the other things, in to the other things. Don’t hold back thinking you’ll need some reserve for writing. When you get back to writing, you’ll be back on track really quickly: the energy will be there.

Lastly, remember that you’re a writer. It’s what you do, what you want to do and it’s important.

I get very twitchy when I’m not able to get what I want with writing done.

It’s taken me a long time to be able to just, queue the singing, let it go.

Whenever I’ve had a lean-spell of writing, it’s always come back. The less I worry about it, the quicker the opportunities, ideas and energy seem to return.

If you’re not writing at the moment, and you feel you need to be, then give yourself a break: it will come back soon.

Finding the time and space to write… there’s a whole nother topic…