Write bad stuff. It’ll be ok, you can fix it later.

Just write. If it’s bad, don’t worry about it, just get stuff out.

That is great advice.

I find it almost impossible to follow.

I keep getting a nagging feeling that I won’t be able to fix it, that I’ll somehow not think it’s bad when I come back to it, that I’m wasting time – shouldn’t I be writing good stuff?

Writing for me is hard. I get distracted easily or I get self-doubt creeping in.

So just getting words out can be hard, and to be told to just get bad words out, just doesn’t sit well with me most of the time.

The thing is, and this really is the thing… the thing is… it really is better to write bad stuff than not to write at all.

I know that. I get it. I just find it hard to do.

Like the advice you can give to others safe in the knowledge it is wisdom hard-earned and keenly given out of a sense of wanting to help.

That advice, and we all have a store of it for those we have around us, that advice is seldom as easy to listen to as to verbalise.

But today I have been writing. And some of it, well ok, most of it, is pretty bad. There are some good ideas there, the odd good phrase and even a really good idea well written in there, but overall, it’s going to need to be chopped and fixed drastically.

I’m going to keep writing. Got a feeling it’s working today. Getting the bad stuff out. So going to keep on keeping on.

Leave it a few days (if I can) then come back and see what’s what: what’s worth keeping and fixing and what’s just got to go.

I’ve heard myself say it to others often enough: just write, get stuff down, get it out, it’s easier to fix stuff than it is to come up with great stuff off the bat.

I hear myself say it!

Well today I’m taking my own advice. I’m doing it. It feels good.

Even if what’s coming out is bad… it can’t all be bad right? There’s more good than bad surely… no! No analysing! Just get it out!

On it.

(‘Free’ – ‘Fire & Water’… what an album! No! Focus!)