I’m part of Banbury Writers’ Café, a writers’ group that meets every two weeks.

We talk about what we’re writing, what is going on in terms of writing and stuff that crops up from writing.

We set ourselves assignments every few months from a theme chosen at the meeting, suggested and discussed: we’ve had ‘Green’, ‘Connections’, ‘Journey’ and a few others.

Our pieces vary in length from 200 words up to about 1,700, we’ve even dabbled with flash-fiction.

So that’s us and what we do.


Two themes for discussion at the next meeting are ‘inspiration’ and ‘writers’ block’.

They both got me thinking… which is kind of the point, so no surprise, but the thoughts that sprang up were very odd.

I don’t really know what either of those two things mean.

Inspiration – I’ve always got a lot of things on the go, different projects in different forms / genres, they all need work and attention. Writing stories, screen-plays, games, lyrics and a few poems: it all needs doing.

Writers’ block – Isn’t that really just about finding time to write?

I’m pretty sure that neither of the above observations / thoughts are actually very useful to other writers in any form of discussion.

So I’m going to need to do some research.

To the internet!

It would be very useful to hear your thoughts on either topic.

I’ll post something more coherent once I’ve done the work.

This was really and advert for the writing group… I bet you guessed that…