Writers’ Group Themes 2

Continuing the look at two themes that we will be discussing at the next writers’ group meeting: ‘inspiration’ and ‘writers’ block’.



What inspires us to write or what inspires the themes of our writing?

They are not too far removed from each other.

For individual pieces, we can be inspired by very specific things, like challenges laid out for us in titles and themes from writers’ groups, magazines, competitions, assignments. Not really inspiration as much as a ‘brief’.

We draw inspiration from our lives for content, from our direct experience or the experiences of those we know. Most of us read and have a keen interest in finding out stuff from both history and the world around us: lots of inspiration pops in from there.

Everything we experience goes in to the melting pot of our subconscious, so when we think of something, or are presented with something like a title (‘Green’ for instance), images just pop in there!

Inspiration for content seems to be an easy one. It comes from our experience and our learning. From our aspirations. From who we are and who we want to be. We use that to speculate, to expand on ideas and explore themes.

To be inspired is to be stimulated to action. To be made to feel that creating something is logical, and extension of what we feel, of the idea that has prompted us – we must do it!

I guess the great inspiration for writing is our need to explore stories. To see if we can share ideas and speculations through writing. Ultimately we hope to inspire others to thought and action with our work.

On a day-to-day scale, inspiration can come from anywhere: from anything we take in with our five senses or are prompted to cough up out of our subconscious from dormant thoughts. Suddenly an idea is there, a feeling that it’s worth exploring, that writing it will be productive.

The question, ‘where do you get your inspiration from?’ seems to be answered – from anywhere and everywhere.

For some people it may come from more specific places, like the books they read, the things they see on TV / screen, or the conversations they have with people around them.

For most of us that write, I’d guess the answer to ‘where does it come from,’ is as elusive as the answer to the question, ‘why do we write?’

The assignments that are set at the writers’ group always come out of discussion. That discussion acts as an inspiration: it starts the process of thinking about the subject.

I’m no closer to an answer as to where inspiration ‘comes from’ as for me it is everywhere, and often in specific assignments.

Not much help!

Where does it come from?