Writers’ Group Themes 3

Continuing the look at two themes that we will be discussing at the next writers’ group meeting: ‘inspiration’ and ‘writer’s block’.


Writer’s block.

‘The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing’.

Writer’s block is a tricky one. Much like ‘inspiration’.

It took me a while casting about to get a feel for what is meant by ‘writer’s block’.

I figured out what it’s not: it’s not a writer not being able to write through physical circumstance, like lack of time. It’s more about a wall that comes down between the writery part of a writer’s brain and their will to write.

Eloquent eh?

Writing to brief seems to be what I’ve been doing most of my writing life. The brief has either been an original idea of mine that has been planned out and then executed, or a rough outline from someone else that I have had free-reign to fine tune and flesh out.

With that in mind, I’ve not experienced the classic case of writer’s block.

Sometimes though I have found it impossible to be creative, to think creatively and to write accordingly. That’s a kind of writer’s block I guess.

The thing is I can pin-down what has caused this every time it has happened, so again, I’m not sure this is the classic writer’s block that I’ve read so much about.

But that’s the point. It’s different for each writer. The cause varies but the result is the same. And when the cause is not easily identified, a ‘fix’ is hard to put in place.

A block on creativity, on wanting to be creative, on the desire to put words on paper – writer’s block is devastating when it hits.

Getting motivated after it seems to be the toughest thing for those that go through it.

The general consensus seems to be that the only way through it is to ride it out, to write anything, just get words out, in whatever form, on whatever theme: just write anything.

The process, the routine of writing, will see you through.

Good advice. It’s not as easy as it sounds to follow though. By definition, writing is the problem, losing the desire to do it is the block.

I wondered if the common theme behind all I’d read was a momentary lack of confidence in the validity of the writing, that turns in to a paralysing doubt as to the worth of anything that the writer could write?

Sometimes, when specific ideas are thin on the ground in something I’m writing, I simply switch to a different project. This really helps me but I’m aware not everyone works like this, on multiple things at once. I guess that’s my ‘just write something’ solution by another name.

There’s a lot to consider with writer’s block. Over-analysing it seems to just exaggerate the problem though.


It’s going to be a great topic of discussion for the group!