I put SoulDice out there before a final, brutal, some would say ‘proper’ edit.

Why would I do this?

A couple of reasons drove the decision to get it out there:

  1. I have no money to pay for a ‘proper’ edit.
  2. I received some really positive feedback from beta-readers.

Regarding 1 – some people, a lot of people, will say that if it’s really important then money will be found. This is a sentiment I can get behind, but there comes a point where it’s simply not true.

As for 2 – I received a couple of negative reviews too, and even one that was of the ‘just bin it’ variety.

I’ve got a few things I want to write, a couple of ideas that are in first-draft form and a couple that are still be sketched out for layout. So time to get it done with SoulDice.

It’s as good as I could have made it at the time, so now it’s out there.

If you fancy taking a look, please do.

If you fancy leaving a review on Amazon, please do!

Search on Amazon for ‘Souldice’ and it comes up pretty quick.

(Kindle and paperback available.)