What’s that old saying? ‘Talk is cheap.’

Talk is of course essential, well, communication is.

But sometimes words are just words – they have no intent when they are spoken and we can take no meaning from them as they signal no action.

I listen to a lot of pointless, empty words and it makes we wonder how the people speaking them don’t see how the people hearing them know they are hollow.

Talk is essential. Just keep talking.

Action is also essential – do something.

We can talk all we want but ultimately we are defined by our actions.

The horror of LV hit me as hard as all mass-shootings do. I always feel a dread, a malaise settle on me in the aftermath. A depression that people can accept such hollow platitudes from their ‘leaders’. That those leaders can continue to stuff their pockets with money from ‘interested parties’ and simply do nothing.

It makes me feel embarrassed as a human being.





Words, words, we use them all.

Just sounds in the emptiness,

floating into open ears, and empty heads.


Meaningless noises meant to say

what can’t be told,

used to break up people like silence.


Words provoke images, demand recognition,

leave feelings of moments,

lived and thought forgotten.


A collection of lines that

are to be used like tools,

fall apart without doing their job.


Words, words, we abuse them all.

Just sounds in the emptiness,

floating into open ears, and empty heads.


Words of wisdom,

words of wonder,

roll around

my head like thunder.


Words like flowers,

fall like rain,

no escape

causing me pain.


Words that shine,

deeds will eclipse,

wasted words

fall from my lips.


Words can soften,

careless actions,

turn away

fear of rejection.


Words of wisdom,

hold me in wonder,

cannot break

the spell I’m under.


Words we use

sometimes we say what we


words we use

sometimes say what

we mean

words we


never say what

we’re feeling.


Words sound

useless to say

anything we really



what we say

when we say

we never say

what we feel.


Words just words

written and spoken

useless little noises

useless little scribbles.


Words can kill

the things we


can hurt

the ones we love

can make

us think

we have said


when we have

said nothing.


Words become

the things we mean,

or they become



Words become

the things we fear,

or they become



Words become

a means to an end,

or they fail,

becoming wasted.


Using words,

we betray our feelings,

from deep inside us,

exposing our needs.


Using words,

to say what we think,

without someone listening

nothing is said.


Words become


using words,