Spiderman-head BalloonWhere I sit and type my ramblings looks out across a wide gravelly-drive area on to a nice bit of greenery, with trees and a view of the countryside.

A Spiderman-head kids’ helium balloon, partially deflated, is currently caught in a windy vortex which is blowing it round on the ground in a wide circle. It is dashing about in the company of some crinkly brown leaves.

It seems like it is doomed to remain here forever.

It has been whirling around for about an hour now and shows no signs of stopping.

On it goes, tumbling across gravel and grass, coming close then veering off only to come back round again.

Endless turmoil but no real change.

But wait, I thinks.

It wasn’t always here.

So something has changed.

And it won’t (of course) always be here – the wind will change. Eventually. And off it will go, to destinations anew.

My whimsical observations that it could be trapped here forever are a nonsense.

Thanks nature!

Change is like that. One minute it wasn’t here, then it was, then it seems it could be here forever, but of course it won’t be.

Change is like that.

Change is inevitable. Life is change. Stagnation is death.

We are programmed by evolution to accept change, to go with it, to adapt.

But not changing can create a wonderful comfort-zone.

But then… change… inevitable.

Thank you Spiderman-head balloon for reminding me of something I already knew, but, ironically, had momentarily forgotten as I sit here comfortably contemplating your nonsensical future.