(300 Word challenge – brief: romance.)

Jeremy looked down at the gravestone, the gentle rain bouncing from his brolly.

“Here lies Molly: daughter, mother, lover,” he read out-loud.

“I wonder who put ‘lover’ on there?” Mary said, sliding her arm in to Jeremy’s, taking shelter beneath the brolly.

Jeremy led them towards a Chestnut tree, “her husband perhaps?”

“Then why not add ‘wife’?”

They stood beneath the dripping tree, alone in the small soggy graveyard.

“Lover has a romantic ring to it,” Jeremy said.

Mary laughed, “and wife doesn’t?”

Jeremy smiled, “you know what I mean,” he said.

“Do you still think of us as lovers?” Mary asked.

“Trick question!” Jeremy exclaimed.

They huddled together as the rain got heavier, bouncing noisily from leaves overhead.

“I think we should make a dash for it, it’s not going to get any lighter,” Mary said, eying the grey sky.

Jeremy chuckled, “been a while since we dashed anywhere!”

They walked slowly along the path, uncaring of the rain, arm in arm, enjoying the tranquillity of the church and its grounds.

“What do you want on yours?” Mary asked.

“Who’s to say I’ll go first?” Jeremy said.

“You have to go first so I can be a broody old spinster surrounded by her thirty cats,” Mary said.

“Cats are evil,” Jeremy said.

“How about, ‘here lies Jeremy, cantankerous old git who hated cats’?”

Jeremy opened the wet wooden gate, “that’ll do nicely!”

“What if you go first, what shall I put on yours?” Jeremy asked as they walked from the church.

“I’ve thought about that…”

“I suspected you might have…”

“I want, ‘here lies Mary, she loved life and life loved her back.’”

Jeremy kissed Mary on the cheek, “you old romantic!”

Mary smiled, “one of us should be!”

“Whatever you say my lover,” Jeremy said.